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Cleaning is one of the most important tasks to do in our daily life but people tend to forget about it because it may be boring and tiring. But you can divide tasks and put them in a schedule to minimize the workload you do every time you clean. You can decide what cleaning task to do and when to clean daily, weekly, or monthly.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

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Ensure your workspace is dust free, you may use wet cloths to wipe your desks.

Sweep the floor and clean debris.

Disinfect and mop the floors.

Empty trash bins and replace liners.

Wipe door handles, telephone, baseboards

Sanitize your workspace also your break room and the kitchen sink

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

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Clean glass windows in and out

Polish hardwood surfaces

Empty and disinfects trash bins

Check and clean the fridge where you and employees store foods

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

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Vacuum all that is needed to be cleaned like couch, sofas, carpet etc.

Wipe high areas and ensure they are dust free

Having a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule can make office cleaning easier as the tasks are divided. It is also easier to maintain. Working in a clean environment makes an individual happier and healthier, it also contributes to their productivity.