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Learning Your Steps to Success with a Clean Workspace

5S came from Japanese words that describe the steps in organizing a workspace. This five-step process focuses on keeping the workspace organized and clean to make it easier for the employees to work without obstruction. Your company must know what are the 5S to comply and apply it to your company.


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Sort is the English equivalent of the Japanese Word Seiri. Sorting means you need to keep only the necessary things in your workplace. Determine which items are often used to those that are not useful at all and get rid of things you don’t need. If you are having a hard time to decide, ask yourself these questions:

Where do I use this item?

Do I use this item regularly?

How frequently do I use this thing?

Does it really need to be placed here?

If your answers to this are mostly negative, then get rid of the item to make more workspace for yourself. You can always give them to another department or people who most likely need the item more, recycle it or put it in the storage.


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Seiton in its English equivalent is Straighten which may also mean to set an order. This can be done, after sorting out your items. Once your workspace is clutter free, you can now start to put everything in place and in an orderly manner.

Decide how you will put things in order. Identify and allocate materials for their specific use and put them together. Identify the arrangements and set some rules to follow to keep the order.


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This stands for Shine in English. This stage focuses on cleaning up the work area which includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. These steps aim to create a clean workspace to identify problems such as leaks, spills, excess, damage and the likes.

Seiso is important to know the problems that may arise in the work area so people can plan ahead and prevent the breakdown of equipment and materials that help in the efficiency of a company.


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Which mean Standardize, is a step where you set standards for a clean, neat, orderly and well-maintained workplace. Set rules and standards and make employees follow them to maintain the cleanliness. Create a process on maintaining the standards and assign task and responsibilities to people that may help in implementing the standards.


Shitsuke 1024x672 - Learning Your Steps to Success with a Clean Workspace

Sustain is the English word for it. Once you implemented all the 5S, you now need to sustain it. Which means the people continue working in their clean environment without degrading it. The employees should keep in mind that they need to maintain a clean workplace that was established by following the standards set.

Everyone should stick to the rules set and make it a habit to follow it to achieve Kaizen, a Japanese word which means continuous improvement.

This may be a long process but it is helpful in the long run. Understanding why 5S should be implemented will help you keep your workplace a clean environment is more than just sweeping the floors and keeping it dust free. This also needs a process and order to help you achieve a more organized office space that will eventually help your company to success.

Many companies implement the process of 5S which originated from Japan. 5S is a step process that focuses on cleaning your workplace. It literally stands to five Japanese words that stand with the letter S. The Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke are the words that compose 5S, each word has their equivalent in English.

Seiri is equivalent to sort, Seiton is to Straighten, Seiso is Shine in English, Seiketsu stands for Standardize, and Shitsuke is Sustain on its English Equivalent. Each word plays an important role in the whole process.

Implementing 5S in your company makes it easier for you to detect any problems and provide a possible solution as much as possible.

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