31 May 2014

An Office Cleaning Service in Springfield, VA Keeps Employees Healthy and Happy

Did you know that in the last year, the average typical amount of workers here in America miss seven to 8 business days due to sickness. This is an expensive loss for businesses averaging up to a $10 billion loss annually. If you want a company that doesn’t fall into this trap then you need to seriously consider hiring a professional office cleaning service in Springfield, VA.

An office cleaning service company can greatly reduce the amount of sick days your employees take just by regularly cleaning and maintaining your facility.

Here is a list of the office cleaning services that our cleaning company provides in Springfield, VA.

  • High & Low Dusting
  • Window Washing
  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Computer, Telephone & Desk Sanitizing
  • Cleaning Corners and High Traffic Areas
  • Re-stocking Paper Goods
  • Floor Cleaning/Vacuuming
  • Throwing Out Trash
  • Cleaning Office Kitchens

and Many More Office Cleaning Services….

Of course, there are many daily steps that you can train your employees to do around the work place on a regular basis like: always washing their hands five dimes daily for 15 seconds each time is an excellent defense against the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses. Also to help with the spread of harmful germs, it’s also a smart idea to help keep disinfecting cloths at your desk and try to clean surfaces at least twice a week.

These are all helpful tips in keeping the workplace clean and healthy for everyone but nothing quiet does it like a professional office cleaning service that knows how to provide deep cleaning for a facility. An office cleaning service company is trained to clean corners, move furniture to clean behind, wipe and sanitize door knobs and other high traffic spots.

Hiring a professional office cleaning service is the best way to keep your employees happy and more productive in Springfield, VA.

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