30 April 2014

Arlington, VA Office Cleaning Services Cater to Clients

As an experienced office cleaning service in Arlington, VA, Commercial 1 Cleaning understands that each business is working with a specific budget when it comes to their office cleaning services.  Some companies have the budget and need, to hire a office cleaning company to clean for them daily while some may only need a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly cleaning.  First, make sure to find out how much office cleaning and traffic you have on a daily basis.  Then go over these details with your office cleaning service and determine a realistic office cleaning plan that works with your needs and most importantly – your budget.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful office cleaning tips that your employees can do to help keep your budget in check and your facility spotless until your office cleaning service’s next visit.

  • Provide employees with a microfiber cloth and/or screen cleaning spray to keep screens clean from dust particles, finger prints and smudges. (Tip: cleaning with a microfiber cloth can help prevent damage to the screens.)
  • Electronics in the work space are always a magnet for all types of bacteria, dust, germs and dirt.  Computers, keyboards, phones and other office electronics are used frequently, and often by multiple users increasing the risks of transmitting germs through the workplace.
  • Providing a few basic cleaning supplies in the office area such as cleaning spray, paper towels, microfiber cloths, etc. allows employees to disinfect any common surface areas at any given moment.

Of course, hiring a professional office cleaning service to perform a thorough cleaning in your office space is always the number one best option for keeping your office clean.  Talk to your office cleaning company about working with your specific needs and budget.  Also, make sure you don’t pay for unnecessary daily cleaning if you don’t have the foot traffic to support it!

Use your best judgment when determining your Arlington, VA office cleaning service needs and take into consideration – the amount of days and/or weeks your office cleaning company comes to clean for you.  In the meanwhile keep in mind these simple tips that will help maintain your office space until your office cleaning service arrives.

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