25 March 2014

Save Big with Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Northern VA

Many businesses in Northern VA ponder the question of – “Do I need a commercial cleaning contract for my business?”  This is a valid question because signing a commercial cleaning contract is something that can either save you money or cost you more money down the road.  You need to make sure that the deal you are getting is one that is in your favor.  It’s important to understand what type of facility you have and how regularly you need cleaning.

Here is some information on how a commercial cleaning contract in Northern VA usually works:

A cleaning company usually provides a set price per square footage for a facility that needs cleaning.   This of course depends on the size of the cleaning company you are hiring and also the amount of times they will come to clean your facility.  If you and your cleaning company decide that your facility in Northern VA needs frequent cleaning, then in your commercial cleaning contract you can negotiate a discount because of the increased cleaning services.  (Usually commercial cleaning companies will apply this discount on their own.)

If you have a commercial cleaning contract that doesn’t deal with square footage then your cleaning company will most likely have a fixed rate for you.  This usually works well with small offices that need cleaning done once a week.  The fixed rate may be something as little as $250 per month.  Bear in mind that a fixed price can be higher than this depending on the demands in the contract.  For instance, you may be a small office that needs once a week cleaning but in the contract you have extra demands that you have added to be done.  These things may bump up the monthly cost.

A big advantage to having a commercial cleaning contract is that you will automatically get a better deal than if you didn’t have a contract because the cleaning company wants to keep you satisfied so they will do their best to give you a reasonable fixed rate for your facility.

Special circumstances that may not apply to a fixed rate are certain facilities that need specialized equipment for its cleaning like medical facilities.  Medical facilities for example might have different commercial cleaning contract requirements because they need special cleaning equipment and disinfectants that are hospital grade.

A commercial cleaning contract for your business in Northern VA is an important tool in saving you valuable dollars.  Make sure to go over with your commercial cleaning company the type of cleaning that needs to be done for your specific facility.

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