5 May 2014

Northern VA Janitorial Services Keep Allergies Under Control

This is the season where many people are affected by allergies here in Northern VA.  Allergies can be destructive for people in the work place, if left untreated it may start to affect a person’s productivity.  Working with a professional janitorial service experienced in all types of cleaning can be a great advantage for your company.  Cleaning companies and janitorial services in Northern VA know when allergy season starts, they need to buckle down and work on keeping the allergens in the workplace at bay.

When you hire a janitorial service in Northern VA to help minimize allergy symptoms, remember that your janitorial service company knows the proper cleaning techniques needed to subdue the amount of allergens that can take over your facility during these high seasons.

Here are some cleaning tips that you and/or your janitorial service company can do to keep the allergens in check:

  • Your janitorial service should dust every time they clean your work space.  Cleaning the dust accumulation is a quick way to minimize the amount of allergens spreading throughout your offices and/or workspace.
  • A professional janitorial service company who is familiar with the high allergy seasons will know that vacuuming carpets with specialized cleaning equipment can help eradicate allergens in the carpets.
  • If employees use pillows to sit on or for their backs when working at a desk, it is a good idea to advise them to wash it regularly.
  • You can also talk with your Northern VA janitorial service about cleaning the air ducts in your work space.  Having a professional janitorial service do this can help clean out allergy-causing dust particles and even pollen that may have gotten trapped in the air conditioner.

Working with a janitorial service company to take care of your cleaning needs can be especially important during these months in Northern VA.  It is a high season for allergies and by staying proactive; you are ensuring a clean and healthy workplace while keeping productivity high and consistent.

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