4 March 2013

Knowing How to Read the Labels of Cleaning Products

More and more people are turning to green cleaning for their house hold and work areas.   A growing amount of studies are linking certain chemicals in cleaning products to health problems.  These health problems range from attention disorders, asthma and allergies, even cancer.  Slowly, more attention is being concentrated in the commercial and institutional sectors so that companies get educated and start using cleaning methods that are safer for people and for the environment.

Knowing how to read the labels of cleaning products is something that can help you choose better products to clean with.  Emily Main, senior editor at National Geographic’s new earth-conscious publication Green Guide, warns against some of the common terms used on products.  Some terms that they caution against are: “Biodegradable,’ ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘natural’.  She goes on stating that these terms are misleading and meaningless.  Instead, they recommend for people to look for “what’s not in a cleaner instead.” Labels that say things like, ‘no synthetic fragrances or dyes’ or ‘no chlorine bleach’.

For more information on how to better read labels click on the link below!



What do you think?  Do you read the cleaning labels?

2 responses on “Knowing How to Read the Labels of Cleaning Products

  1. Mary says:

    I never knew that words like, “biodegradable” and “eco-friendly” could be so misleading. Whenever I saw those words on products I would buy them cause I thought they were healthier! Talk about being mis-informed!
    Good to know!

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