13 April 2013

Is Your Workplace Making Your Allergies Worse?

Is Your Workplace Making Your Allergies Worse?

Here is a list of some of the important things to be regularly cleaning and checking for in the work place to  keep allergies to a minimum!

  •   Dust Mites :    (feed on dead skin) Dust mites are found on carpets, beds and upholstered furniture and should be professionally removed by a professional cleaning company.  For example, if your not experienced in cleaning dust mites from your carpet, you may end up releasing them into the air instead of getting rid of them!  This can make the problem worse as they multiply and lay eggs very quickly.
  • Airborne Dust and Pollen : Make sure the HVAC system is clean and clear and is checked on a regular basis by your cleaning company. (The cleaners will help to prevent buildups in the air ducts.)  Also, ask your commercial cleaning company to use a microfiber cloth system to help decrease the dust and pollen in the work place when they clean.
  • Mold :  Untreated, mold can damage building materials and furnishings.  The key to control mold is moisture control and acting quickly.   For example:  Plumbing leaks need to be cleaned right away, either by drying up the problem or removing the water-damaged materials entirely.  Acting promptly will help prevent and/or limit the mold growth that can occur in the workplace.
  • Going green isn’t only great for the environment, it’s great for your health too!  Some people have reactions to the strong chemicals used by cleaning companies but  by using green cleaning, it may drastically reduce your reactions to it.

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2 responses on “Is Your Workplace Making Your Allergies Worse?

  1. David says:

    great article. an eye opener

  2. Amy Homes says:

    Thankfully I don’t really have bad allergies but I know people in our office that do and I feel for them. This time of year can be really annoying for people with these strong allergies! Benadryl to the rescue!

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