23 April 2014

All-Inclusive Office Cleaning Services for McLean, VA Businesses

There are many beneficial effects of office cleaning services that can result in your office functioning flawlessly in McLean, VA. This is simply because commercial cleaning companies that do an intensive, in-depth cleaning for your office on a systematic basis can keep the office cleaned, sanitized and healthy with a delightful atmosphere that is productive for everyone entering the office.

Office cleaning services may provide cleaning for all types of office rooms such as cubicles, conference rooms, kitchen areas, offices, waiting rooms, etc. Here is a list of basic cleaning requests that office cleaning services in McLean, VA usually get asked to do:

  • high & low dusting
  • re-stocking paper goods (toilet papers, paper towels, etc)
  • emptying the trash cans
  • cleaning the bathrooms
  • computer, telephone & desk sanitizing
  • floor cleaning services (includes mopping, sweeping, etc.)
  • window washing
  • janitorial cleaning
  • green cleaning
  • office maintenance
  • and many more office cleaning services upon request…

A professional cleaning company that can provide your McLean, VA office cleaning services that are all-inclusive can combine all these cleaning components, creating an aesthetically enjoyable and engaging work environment. When your employees feel well, they work well. When customers come in and see a delightful and sanitized office, they get a sense of confidence in the services your company provides.

McLean Office Cleaning Services Go Green

Many businesses are now asking their office cleaning service to use only or mostly green cleaning products in the office. Today more people are concerned about the health concerns/reactions that some of the cleaning products that are not eco-friendly may have on employees and customers. Some basic problems that may occur are: irritation of the eyes, poor indoor office air quality, skin reactions, etc. The seriousness of these issues depends on how long you’ve been exposed to the cleaning products and the specific types of chemicals used. If your McLean, VA office cleaning service isn’t using green cleaning practices at your facility, it might be time to ask if they can incorporate green cleaning for your office.

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