18 January 2014

Expert Floor Cleaning Advice for Washington DC Resturants

Floor Cleaning for Washington DC Resturants

If you’re a restaurant in Washington DC looking for a floor cleaning company to come scrub your tiles and make the grout look fresher…there are many things that you should consider first.  One is whether you want the floor cleaned with a green product or something more abrasive?  Your decision making process will based on a few questions…

1.  What type of clientele do you have and how dirty is your floor?

Now…clientele makes a difference because maybe you are more focused on organic things and may want to have a green cleaning style done to your restaurant.  (Since this is what your restaurant represents in Washington DC)  If this is you, then make sure your commercial cleaning company uses all green products when cleaning your restaurant

One thing though to keep in mind is that if your floor is extremely dirty, sometimes eco friendly cleaning products may not be enough of an aggregate to remove the deep soiled floor.  So, you may need a floor cleaning product that is more powerful in order to clean your floor surfaces thoroughly.

2.  What type of floor do you have?

You could scrub your floors with a bristle brush with most non porous surfaces which include tile, ceramic, vinyl, sealed stones, and granite. For other types of floors you may need to use a different process for cleaning them. Remember, a bonus with cleaning your floors is that your floors are cleaned properly and effectively with degreaser and sanitizer.  Using a degreaser helps your floors from getting too greasy and slippery which can also accumulate a thick film of grease that makes it difficult to clean over time.  Sanitizing may be even more important from a health factor because you want to kill viruses and bacteria that are living in your restaurant floors.  Things as common as the flu, hepatitis, influenza, herpes, salmonella and HIV.  (These can all be usually killed with a proper sanitizer.)

3.  Where is your restaurant located?

If your restaurant is located in Washington DC, which is a densely populated area, your restaurant or business generates a great deal of traffic which accumulates a lot of dirt and grease on your floors.  This is why it’s important to constantly stay on top of your floors because you want to maintain a nice looking, healthy atmosphere for your clientele and to preserve your floors from having to be replaced in the future.  Also, because of all the foot traffic, these floors may have accumulated different types of diseases and viruses as well and will need professional sanitizing.   This is why it’s imperative to hire a reputable cleaning company to take care and properly sanitize your floors.

If you’re not in a highly dense populated area like Washington DC, you may not need as much floor cleaning but of course each circumstance is different when it comes to cleaning restaurants.

Talk about your floor cleaning needs with your trusted cleaning company in order to make a great action plan for floor cleaning in Washington DC or other areas in Northern Virginia.

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