18 February 2014

Don’t Cut Corners with Office Cleaning Services in Woodbridge, VA

Hiring an experienced office cleaning service to take care of your office space in Woodbridge, VA is often the first line of defense when it comes to stopping the spread of bacteria and germs in the office.  It’s a smart way to automatically keep the office space clean and sanitized, making it a healthy work environment for all who work in the office and of course for its customers too.  You want to make sure your office cleaning service is experienced and is not cutting corners when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your facility.  For example, there are some obvious things that a office cleaning service will make sure to clean such as: emptying out the trash, dusting desks, vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, re-stocking paper goods, etc.

Nevertheless, then there are other cleaning tasks that should not be skipped by any office cleaning service.  Some examples of these are:

Sanitizing phones, computers and underneath keyboards
Cleaning door handles
Cleaning window treatments
Cleaning stair hand rails
Sanitizing sink and sink handles
Flushing valves on toilets
Desks, tabletops
Cleaning refrigerator door handles, tables
Cleaning cafeteria tables and desks

It can be a hard to notice if an office cleaning service is working and cleaning hard enough for your facility in Woodbridge, Va.  This is why it is important to always communicate your concerns with sanitizing and keeping your facility not only clean, but fully sanitized to be a healthy work environment for everyone throughout the year.

If your office cleaning service does not thoroughly deep clean all of these areas, then germs and bacteria can easily spread.  This is even more dangerous during the winter months where colds and the flu can easily be spread from person to person.  Your office cleaning service can reduce the risk of sick days for your Woodbridge, VA employees by being efficient and thorough in their cleaning.  When your office cleaning service does a detailed job, then the work environment becomes healthy, safe and productive for everyone.

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