3 April 2014

Building Maintenance Services Protect Property Investments in Washington DC

Taking preventive building maintenance steps to ensure a healthy building is the smartest thing you could do for the longevity of your property.  This is especially true for buildings that are very old and that may have roof tiles that have came loose, pavement that has cracked and/or paint that has faded and peeled off.  It is vital to have a professional building maintenance service maintain and/or restore the well being of your facility in Washington, DC.  The frequent cleaning of your facility as well as the maintenance of it is the key to sustainability.

Building maintenance services play a huge role in the safety and general well being of a building.  This is significant when it comes to the infrastructure of your facility (gas fittings, wiring, plumbing, etc.)  If these important components are left unchecked, it may lead to costly repairs down the road.  Hiring a commercial cleaning company and/or a building maintenance company to regularly check your building for problems is the most valuable investment you can make.  Recognize that buildings degrade after time and the only thing that can secure the durability of it, is scheduling regular maintenance and cleanings.

It’s imperative to work with a cleaning company that has experience in building maintenance in Washington, DC.  Many of the building are older and some even have great history that the owner and/or city would like to maintain.  Your commercial cleaning company that will be providing building maintenance services for your property needs to be qualified and educated on how to clean and maintain these specific buildings.

Having a building maintenance company service and clean your property on a consistent basis, keeps your building healthy and productive.  Commercial 1 Cleaning is experienced in building maintenance services in Washington DC, with over 12 years experience.  Here is an example of some of the building maintenance services we are often asked to provide:

  • Changing Light Bulbs
  • Recycling
  • Restocking Paper Supplies
  • Painting
  • Repairing
  • Plowing
  • Cutting Grass
  • Cleaning

Furthermore, we are frequently get asked to have an on call handy man at work for unexpected cleaning and/or building maintenance emergencies that my need immediate attention.

Remember to talk with your building maintenance service company about maintaining the health of your property on a regular basis.  Do not ignore taking preventative steps in order to protect your investment in your property.  Hiring a professional building maintenance service can help extend the life of your building in Washington, DC.

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