27 September 2012

Right Cleaning Supplies Can Improve Productivity.

Cleaning supplies – environmentally friendly vs. traditional cleaning supplies?  As a commercial cleaning progressional, my experience is that many businesses do take sanitation and hygiene as seriously “at work” as they do “at home”.  Commonly used surfaces, from keyboards, to telephone handsets, to desktop spaces, light switches and more, are rarely on the ‘to do’ list for being sanitized.  The implication, bacteria and germs result in countless hours of lost workplace productivity – sickness and days off.

Sanitation chemicals, on the other hand, can be harsh and provoke asthma and other conditions that result in equal amounts of lost productivity.  That said, green cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals have come a long way – - providing effective sanitation, without harmful residue that produces toxicity or allergic reactions.  Commercial 1 Cleaning carries a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly cost-friendly cleaning supplies that can be used for effective sanitation on a daily basis.  As a commercial property owner and manager, you play an essential role in ensuring the the productivity of hundreds or thousands of workers.  We would be glad to design an environmentally friendly cleaning program for you and work with you to measure the improvements in productivity.

Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies - dusters, gloves, brushes, spray bottles and buckets

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