15 September 2012

Cleaning Supplies Paramount to Killing Infections

Janitorial Cleaning essential for hospitalsCleaning supplies are often regarded as a commodity whereby businesses and consumers gravitate towards the lowest cost product on the shelf, and they are reluctant to frequently replace their cleaning materials – - either allowing germs & bacteria to live, or alternatively, spreading germs and bacteria by using dirty cleaning materials, well beyond their useful life.

This morning, the Washington Post reported that a superbug at the National Institute of Health claimed the 7th victim.

Reporter, Brian Vastag and Lena H. Sun report that “A deadly, drug-resistant superbug outbreak that began last summer at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center claimed its seventh victim Sept. 7, when a seriously ill boy from Minnesota succumbed to a bloodstream infection, officials said Friday.”

Genetic analysis showed the boy’s strain matched that of the superbug that arrived last year. It eventually spread to 17 additional patients, of whom 11 died. Six of those deaths were directly attributed to the superbug by NIH staff. The NIH did not make the outbreak publicuntil describing it in a scientific publication last month.”

Proper janitorial cleaning and use of high-end cleaning supplies mitigate the changes of spreading infection.  While this article presents the worst case scenario, its worth reading as its applicable to your office environment, public spaces and your home.

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