Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies - dusters, gloves, brushes, spray bottles and bucketsCleaning Supplies

We carry a full range of the Highest Rated Cleaning Supplies.

Our clients are seeking one-stop for their janitorial services, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of cleaning tools and solutions including disinfectants, cleaning wipes, mops, dusters and environmentally friendly supplies.

We carry a comprehensive list of green cleaning supplies that are certified environmentally friendly, and also effective for commercial environments including:

Neutral Cleaners

A neutral yet powerful floor detergent safe for use on all sealed wood finishes and unfinished marble and slate surfaces, that easily removes any oil, grease, dirt, liquid and food debris.

All-Purpose Oxygenated Cleaners

A safe, non-toxic cleaner that is non-corrosive, great for use on all types of interior and exterior building surfaces including glass, plastic, chrome, concrete, tile, grout, and wood.

Restroom Cleaners

A safe, non-fuming restroom cleaning formula for use on tubs, toilets, urinals, and all shower surfaces for mild acid removal of all soap scum, lime build up, grease, and rust.

Encapsulating Carpet Cleaning Formulas

A unique blend for all carpet cleaning purposes including extracting, spotting, shampooing and bonnet cleaning that is safe for use on stain resistant carpets.  Additional defoamers, brighteners, and odor counteractants are not necessary.  Carpet and Rug Institute approved.

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaners

A quick drying, solvent-free formula for streak free cleaning of glass, Plexiglas, Lexan, metal, mirror, and any other shiny surfaces.  This product is biodegradable, VOC and acid free.

Floor Finish & Strippers

A zinc and APE free floor finish with low VOC’s that provides a resilient, scratch-resistant seal that can be dry burnished.

An odorless, low foaming floor stripper that can be used on all types of surfaces including marble, vinyl, V.C.T., and Terrazzo that is easily rinsed and has low VOC’s.

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