22 December 2012

Article Reports More Than 84% of Workers Admit Coming Into Work Sick

In an article published today by Business News Daily by Ned Smith, he reports that “More Than 84% of Workers [...]

6 December 2012

Flu Season Could Be Severe According to the CDC

An article in the December 4, 2012 Wall Street Journal highlighted that this Flu Season is likely to be severe. [...]

5 December 2012

Sanitation Supplies – What’s More Hygienic? Air Blowers or Paper Towels?

When it comes to sanitation equipment and supplies, what’s more hygienic – air blowers or paper towels?  Don’t care?   [...]

26 November 2012

Parking Garage Cleaning Protects Commercial Property Investments

Parking garage cleaning by professionals & with professional equipment is essential to protecting commercial property investments.  Commercial property owners have [...]

26 November 2012

Office Cleaning Essential to Safeguard Employee Health

As a commercial office cleaning company that services the Washington DC Metro area, we take great pride in safeguarding the [...]

18 November 2012

Avg. Desktop Has 400x More Bacteria vs. Toilet Seat

Many are surprised to hear that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Acclaimed [...]

11 October 2012

Rosslyn Virginia – Green Cleaning and LEED Development Spotlight

The Arlington Economic Development web site features an update on the Rosslyn Gateway project that is planned to transform Rosslyn [...]

11 October 2012

Carpet Cleaner – Instructions in 1 Minute

Carpet Cleaner – Instructions in 1 Minute Carpet cleaning, ideally, should be performed by a professional to remove dirt and [...]

28 September 2012

Flu Season – Commercial Cleaning Can Safeguard Worker Productivity.

Flu season has arrived, and proper commercial cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy work environment for your employees, maximizing [...]

27 September 2012

Right Cleaning Supplies Can Improve Productivity.

Cleaning supplies – environmentally friendly vs. traditional cleaning supplies?  As a commercial cleaning progressional, my experience is that many businesses [...]