28 September 2012

Flu Season – Commercial Cleaning Can Safeguard Worker Productivity.

Flu season has arrived, and proper commercial cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy work environment for your employees, maximizing [...]

27 September 2012

Right Cleaning Supplies Can Improve Productivity.

Cleaning supplies Рenvironmentally friendly vs. traditional cleaning supplies?  As a commercial cleaning progressional, my experience is that many businesses [...]

19 September 2012

Building Maintenance – DC Storms, Power Lines & Trees

Building maintenance and property management professionals have had full workloads for the past several months as a series of micro-burst [...]

17 September 2012

Green Cleaning – LEED Certification & Compliance – Can Be Profitable

Green cleaning is discussed in a very helpful guide from the U.S. Green Building Council and how it benefits Commercial [...]

15 September 2012

Commercial cleaning tips for your garbage disposal

This morning my garbage disposal was clogged and I found this helpful tip on Howtocleananything.com website to keep my garbage [...]

15 September 2012

Cleaning Supplies Paramount to Killing Infections

Cleaning supplies are often regarded as a commodity whereby businesses and consumers gravitate towards the lowest cost product on the [...]

13 September 2012

Janitorial Cleaning Essential to Kill Bacteria

Proper janitorial cleaning is often overlooked or sidelined as a low-end task.  However, the implications of failing to clean properly [...]